Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Get here

Gili Terawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air are easily reached by speedboat from Senggigi. Speedboats with a capacity for 10 passengers can be chartered at between Rp. 400,000 one ways. Travel time is around 15 minutes. There are also regular passenger boats from Bangsal harbour, tickets cost Rp. 10,000 per pax.
There are also regular fast boar from Bali direct to Gili Trawangan,Gili Meno and Gili Air.For details check with Fast boat company

Discover the beauty of underwater life and snorkel in the Gili Islands.
Explore Turtle Point on Gili Meno for your best chance of seeing a sea turtle. Snorkel equipment can be rented at any places or rent Snorkel equipment at our hotel to get better price.
Take the Snorkel equipment and enjoy snorkeling spots at Gili Trawangan At depths of 1-9 meters deepth you’ll meet with sea turtles. The bright marine life and coral here will take your breath away.

Need a break ? Why not just relax on the beach and soak up some rays in the tropical Indonesian sun.
Dance up a storm at a full moon party. These are held on the southern part of Gili Trawangan. Here DJ’s will spin tracks of house, dance and techno until dawn.

Hopping island

There is a daily island hopping boat service connecting the three Gilis which runs each morning and again in the late afternoon. For example departures from Gili Trawangan leave at 09:30 and 16:00, calling first at Gili Meno and then onwards to Gili Air. Fares are rp23,000.
For trips at any other times it is necessary to charter a boat which will cost around rp.350,000 ( Gili Trawangan-Gili Meno) and Rp.750,000 ( Gili Trawangan-Gili Meno-Gili Air) 
From each individual harbour public outrigger boats leave for the short journey to the nearby island of Lombok throughout the day. There is no official schedule; boats depart when there is a full compliment of 25 passengers. Plan to leave in the early morning otherwise there is often a lengthy wait, especially on sleepy Gili Meno

 White sandy Beach

White sandy beaches. Tropical coral reefs. Warm inviting waters. All this awaits you on the Gili islands.  And with no cars, no motorbikes and no distractions other than beautiful tropical island scenery, the Gili islands off the northwest coast of Lombok are truly an ideal destination for a tropical getaway.

Offering spectacular reefs and ominous dive sites like Shark reef, the Gili islands are the perfect escape for anyone wanting to get away to beautiful, natural and relaxing surrounds. This is why these islands have become a popular destination for Western tourists looking for a remote island experience.

For divers and snorkelers, there are few places better than the Gili’s where you can get up close to all kinds of marine life including a green turtle (Chelonia mydas) in all its glory. Swim up and watch this graceful creature glide through the ocean. You should be able to spot these turtles at depths of 2-20 meter below sea level.

The Gilis consist of three islands: Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air. In local Sasak language, "Gili" means "island". In the Indonesian language, plural is denoted by repeating a noun. So "Gili Gili" literally means "islands”.

Renowned for friendly locals and superb natural beauty, each of the island’s are well prepared for tourists. Gili Trewangan is the largest and most popular of the three islands. It has a vibrant nightlife to keep you entertained once the sun goes down. With a wide collection of restaurants and bars, you’ll never be short of entertainment here.

If you're after a quiet getaway, try Gili Meno or Gili Air. Gili Air is closest to the mainland and is the most populated of the Gili’s. Gili Meno is the smallest island and, with only a few hundred permanent residents, it has the most remote feel to it.
The Gili islands are easily reached by speedboat from Senggigi, taking only some 15 minutes boat ride. Many tourists also travel direct to Gili Trawangan by ferry that leaves Bali daily from Serangan or Padang Bai. (for details check: www.bluewater-express.com)
Travel on the islands are only by bike or “cidomo” the small horse-drawn carts taking 3 persons per ride. No motorized vehicles are allowed here.
There are plenty of hotels and restaurants built in keeping with the islands’ homely village atmosphere.

Swimming and Snorkeling

The best places for snorkeling and swimming are along the main beach areas,
Masks, fins and snorkels can be rented by the hour or day, from any of the 7 PADI and SSI dive centers or the kiosks in the street. Glass bottom boat trips around the three Gili islands are available and cost around 100,000rp per person.It leaves daily at 10:30 returning at around 15:00 which includes snorkel hire and it can be booked at most bungalows and beachfront kiosks throughout the islands.

You can see all types of marine life just by snorkeling including many fishes and corals and of course lots of turtles, but please be careful not to touch the coral.
Please Note; Do not try to swim between any of the 3 Gili islands as the currents in the channel can be unpredictable and very strong.

Money matters

There is now an ATM machine at Hotel Villa Ombak on Gili Trawangan open 24 hours, all the dive centers and bigger hotels accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards with an additional 3% bank charge, cash advances at 10% are available in many places. Money changers will cash traveler’s checks and currency but at a much lower reduced rate than on the mainland.


All three Gilis islands do now have their own PLN electric generating stations and in theory should have power 24 hours a day, however in the peak seasons this can be put under strain particularly late afternoon and early evening. A large number of businesses now have their own generators such as the larger hotels and restaurants so as to avoid the problem, and usually power cuts or ‘mati lampu’ only last a few hours, although sometimes can last up to a few days.

Horse Adventure

A fun and relaxing way to traverse the island of Gili Trawangan is by horseback. Stud Horse Riding Stables (Sunset Point, far south of Gili Trawangan, Tel: +62 813 32 5632) offers well groomed horses and experienced riding guides. The terrain is flat and undemanding and can also include a romantic canter through the surf for experienced riders. Horseback treks can be booked through most bungalows or tour agents on the island. Prices start at rp250,000 for 30 minutes.

Gili Bars & nightlife

Rudy's has a trippy atmosphere
Each of the three islands has a very different pace of life which is perhaps best illustrated in each respective bar scene. Tranquil Gili Meno is the preserve of castaways and honeymooners and has virtually no nightlife, save for a couple of beach bars. Gili Air has more choice with several bohemian places staying open late and some laid back beachfront bars scattered around the coastline. During busy months, it also holds full moon beach parties which attract ravers from all over the region.
For many years Gili Trawangan has been known as the party island and has even been tagged the ‘new Ibiza.’
True, you can drink and dance until dawn every night of the week but most late night bars are located close together along a 100 metre beach strip in the south. Elsewhere it is pretty laid back and nothing like as hectic as Kuta in Bali.
The Gili Trawangan scene is pretty eclectic with a couple of weird and wonderful hippy style bars, trendy lounges, live reggae and is acclaimed as the smallest island in the world with an Irish bar! For a taste of what’s in store on a night out in the Gilis, see our comprehensive list of the best bars.